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We all long for that sense of place, that belonging. We often ask, “Where’s home for you?” not because we need to pin it on a map, but because the answer tells us much about a person. Home is where we give ourselves permission to be who we are and do what we love. It’s where we cook breakfast in our pajamas, cover the walls with what we love, and bask in sunset light on the patio with loved ones.

Home is where we start and end our days, the very bookends of daily life.

We’re here to help in the transition, and make sure it’s a seamless process into your next chapter.

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Our Team

Nikki White

Listing Specialist & COO | 360-921-7270 | nikki@swbrealestategroup.com

Need an advisor when the negotiation gets tough? Nikki is a fierce advocate, the savvy visionary who walks beside you each step of the way. With almost 20 years of industry experience, she’s been there, done that, knows the trends, knows the community, and knows how to help her clients secure a sound future. Her Senior Real Estate Specialist designation means she understands and is well-versed in the financial and lifestyle transitions we all need to address for long-term planning.

But not every hour is spent in the office. On the off hours, there’s a good chance you’ll find Nikki out wine tasting with her man, or exploring all the nooks and crannies of the Pacific Northwest with her family. She’s also an active member of the Clark County Mural Society, advocating for more art and personality in our community.

Christy Buchanan

Listing Specialist & CEO | 360-904-0543 | christy@swbrealestategroup.com

Christy is both cheerleader and coach when it comes to finding a home — not only will she help you figure out exactly what you need, she’ll push everything through so that you get that perfect-for-you place. And if you’re selling, she’s already imagining ways to smooth the process for you. She’s a goal setter who thrives on the success of her whole team, which makes her a perfect fit with the SWB crew. Together, they’re forever brainstorming new ways to help people in their network pave the way to more balanced lives.

Christy just built her dream home — a place where family and friends (and horses) fit perfectly and lots of memories are being made. She knows that working hard pays off in spades, but so does taking time to enjoy the view. If she’s not at home, you’ll probably find her tackling the slopes or relaxing at the beach.

Chauntel Sullivan

Listing Specialist & Director of Business Development | 360-901-3388 | chauntel@swbrealestategroup.com

Chauntel’s past experiences have taught her the importance of resilient customer service and persistent teamwork. For her, it’s always been about people. You’ll find her listening, communicating, and managing all the details because she believes transactions should feel like a simple, streamlined process for her clients. She’s been in the business since 2002, and will attest that while nothing is predictable in real estate, anything is possible when you have passion and a solid team around you.

Chauntel’s husband and two kids light her world. Family time means fun time so they travel every chance they get, especially by boat and Harley. Her care and concern for family spills over into volunteer work — she loves mentoring children and helping people find their place in the world.

Cathi - Headshot

Cathi Byrd

Buyer Specialist | 360-831-4436 | cathi@swbrealestategroup.com

A superstar when it’s comes to helping clients find their perfect home, Cathi wears the hero cape of positivity. Her drive to take care of her clients not only makes her a great asset in a fast- paced market, it also makes her a powerful player on the SWB team.

When she’s not scouring listings and showing homes, Cathi is living up to her “world’s best mom” mug. With one almost married, one in the Coast Guard and another settling in up in Seattle, she’s loving supporting her grown up kids. Especially since it leaves enough time for her to enjoy fishing with her husband, and romping with her weiner dogs.

kat - thumb

Katherine Uruo

Buyer Specialist | 360-839-0870 | katherine@swbrealestategroup.com

Katherine Uruo was taught that honesty, hard work and stellar customer service are the most important aspects of the business, and she puts that philosophy into practice. She is grateful to pursue her passion for a living Katherine is highly motivated, determined and hands on with each sale from the beginning to end. Katherine joined The SWB Real Estate Group to represent buyers throughout Southwest Washington area.

On a personal note, Katherine truly believes that a home is where a person makes their most cherished memories, so being a guide to that process is endlessly rewarding. Making her genuine connections with her clients and helping them find a space to make these valuable memories, inspire Katherine every day.  In her free time, you’ll never find Katherine without her Siberian Husky Aspen exploring the trails, or shredding the hills up at the Mountain. Her fresh outlook and positive attitude will never disappoint and she is genuinely dedicated to meeting the needs of her clients, while operating with integrity and professionalism.

Lisa - Headshot

Lisa Cianni

Project Manager | 360-910-9395 | lisa@swbrealestategroup.com

Lisa’s venture into the real estate industry began in 2016 when she was talking with a friend about her next career move. Having a background in client relationships, an expansive network and a passion for real estate, the next move was decided.  Lisa joined the SWB real estate group as their Marketing, Branding, and Promotion Go To Girl. You will find Lisa out and about sharing her excitement for real estate.

Before joining the SWB Real Estate Group Lisa worked for a high-end retailer managing sales, coaching employees and training for customer service excellence. She believes a customer relationship is the number one thing that people will continue to come back for in any business! Under promise over deliver was engrained in her for over 20 years.  Her focus for the SWB Real Estate Group is to build relationships with clients and share our philosophy behind the SWB Brand.  Lisa strives to educate all in real estate knowledge, helpful home topics, healthy living tips, vendor recommendations, and everything about Vancouver to make relocation much easier, and of course sharing her favs of Southwest Washington.

You can find Lisa on the weekends and evenings either running or riding horses and spending time with her 2 children. She has a love for all animals, but shows competitively on the American Paint Horse Association circuit. She believes in loving what you do in all aspects of life and always living the dream no matter at work or on the weekends. Enjoy it all with the ones you cherish!

It’s not every day that you get to build a brand that you are excited about. I get to do it every day and share it with you!

Carrie - Headshot

Carrie Calcagno

Transaction Coordinator | 360-953-6787 | carrie@swbrealestategroup.com

The hub of all things SWB, Carrie is the organizer, the file grabber, the transaction coordinator, and the detail checker for the team. Each new listing is her chance to market and socialize the uniqueness of the property. She’s continually inventing fresh ways to get the listing news out to their ever-growing network of movers and shakers. She sorts stuff out best when she’s out running, decompressing on the trail as nature rushes by. She and her family spend most of their free time filling the house with all their friends. Favorite thought? The secret to having it all is knowing that you already do.

Adam - headshot

Adam Goddard

Director of Marketing | 360-839-5591 | adam@swbrealestategroup.com

Adam is a wizard with technology and has had a passion for it his entire life. Adam handles SWB’s marketing efforts, which allows our wonderful team of specialists to spend more time working with you to find the best solution. He enjoys finding new and creative solutions that make the real estate process easier for clients. Working his way through his college career, Adam learned the value of quality customer service and hard work.

Adam’s initial plan was to become a business major at Washington State University Vancouver after he transferred from Clark College. However, Adam quickly changed course after hearing about WSUV’s landmark Digital Technology and Culture major. Adam grew up in the small town of Ridgefield, Washington with his large family and likes to spend time with them whenever they come back to town.